Guelph Hydro to Lead the Implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects for the City of Guelph

Rooftop solar, biogas and district energy being explored under the Community Energy Initiative

August 13, 2010 (GUELPH, ON) - The City of Guelph recently named Guelph Hydro Inc. as the primary developer and implementer of energy-related projects under the City’s Community Energy Initiative.

Guelph Hydro Inc., a wholly owned entity of the City, will be responsible for taking the lead in developing sustainable energy projects within city-owned assets. This will include leasing municipal properties including roofs of municipal buildings for rooftop solar installations as well as developing, building and operating district energy and other clean power projects.


Solar Installations for Municipal, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Rooftops
The City of Guelph Community Energy Initiative strongly recommends a target of a ‘Thousand Roofs’ of solar photovoltaic electricity. Guelph Hydro will assist the City in achieving this goal by implementing solar installations on municipal buildings as well as other commercial, industrial, institutional and residential rooftops in the community.


District Energy and Other Sustainable Power Projects
 Guelph Hydro is actively developing sustainable energy projects within the Guelph community. These projects will include district energy, combined heat and power (CHP), biogas and biomass projects including anaerobic digestion.


 Mayor’s Task Force on Community Energy
Guelph Hydro Inc. will also serve as a key member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Community Energy. The Mayor’s Task Force has a mandate to engage community members and stakeholders and oversee the rollout of initiatives to achieve the goals of the Community Energy Initiative.


Goals of the City of Guelph Community Energy Initiative:

  • Use less energy in 25 years than the City does today
  • In 15 years, 25 percent of our energy will come from renewable sources
  • Consume less energy per capita than comparable Canadian cities
  • Produce less greenhouse gas per capita than the current global average

“Thanks to the efforts of strong partners, such as Guelph Hydro, the implementation of the Community Energy Initiative will attract investment and create local jobs in the energy sector, diversify Guelph’s economic base and accelerate the city’s transition to a more sustainable energy future.”

 Mayor Karen Farbridge, City of Guelph


“Guelph Hydro is the natural choice to act as implementer of sustainable energy projects in the City. We were a founding member of the consortium that developed Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative; we operate the City’s Eastview landfill site that generates electricity from methane gas; we assisted the City in creating an energy density map for use in City planning; and we recently published a study that evaluates the potential of establishing district energy systems in Guelph.”

Barry Chuddy, CEO, Guelph Hydro Inc.
NOTE: District Energy Feasibility Study available at


“The Community Energy Initiative goes beyond typical conservation programs. Using the expertise of community partners such as Guelph Hydro Inc., we’re exploring clean energy technologies including solar, biogas, and district energy, all of which will contribute energy and greenhouse gas targets identified in the Community Energy Initiative adopted by Council in 2007.”

 Rob Kerr, Corporate Manager, Community Energy Initiative, City of Guelph



The Community Energy Initiative (formerly Community Energy Plan) is Guelph’s commitment to use and manage energy differently, and better, than it has in the past. The initiative is also intended to attract quality investment to the city. After all, experts agree that a reliable, sustainable energy supply is and will continue to be a key ingredient in the long-term competitiveness and prosperity of cities.

Guelph leaders formed a Consortium to proactively develop a community energy plan in 2004. In 2006 the Consortium formalized a long-term Community Energy Plan (CEP) which would guide the city’s energy future for years to come. The CEP team had a mix of local and global expertise ensuring the plan incorporated the best elements of urban energy management from around the world. Today, Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative is regarded as a model for cities seeking an integrated, community-based approach to energy use and greenhouse gas reduction.



About the City of Guelph
Located in one of the strongest economic regions in Canada, Guelph is the ideal destination for companies to access major markets and customers. Guelph is a vibrant, growing, historic community of over 118,000 residents offering an educated work force, established economic base and an outstanding quality of life.

Guelph offers competitive land and building development and business operating costs partnered with a variety of employment lands and buildings available to meet most business needs as well as fully interconnected and scalable telecommunication network and services.

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About Guelph Hydro Inc.
Guelph Hydro Inc. is actively developing sustainable energy projects as a key implementer of the City of Guelph’s Community Energy Initiative.


Guelph Hydro Inc. is the holding company for Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc, the local electricity distribution company serving 50,000 customers in Guelph and Rockwood, Ontario, and for Ecotricity Guelph Inc, an alternative energy company, also located in Guelph.


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