A Xanax Christmas

From the moment Halloween candy causes acid reflux disease,

And your favourite costumes now give people unease.

The time has come to welcome the holidays with care and,

Greet jolly St. Nick with fattening cookies that dieters wouldn’t dare.


The malls are strung with pretty lights and sweet songs,

While children wait for the big guy to take his wide throne.

Amber wants a bike and Tim a PS4,

Thank goodness the elves have the tools to manage the chore.


Carolers entertain and make you reminisce,

“Frosty the Snowman” and “Rudolf” dance on your lips.

Family and friends sing by the fire,

Of Bob & Doug Mckenzie and their song of desire.


Santa Claus is not a myth,

He lives in our hearts,

You can see by the sky and the beauty of Guelph.

He’s ready for flight and awaits Christmas Eve,

To deliver toys to those who believe.


Santa’s heart of gold is shared with the world.

Christmas is a time when people band together.

We light up our yards to brighten the planet,

We smile at each other without the help of Xanax.


Santa’s message of peace quells the beast inside

He’s a man of his word with a missive to be heard

Look at your family; cook that delicious meal

Enjoy one another and play with a gift or two.

The family song is perfectly sung and suitable for a holiday, read. I'm ready to sing to you in front of my family.