Recipe for Excellence in Customer Service

Good customer service is the backbone of any successful business. Without it a business is destined to falter.   Whether you’re collecting points, such as Air Miles; offering a free coffee after 5 purchases; or designing stores to match the wants and needs of its consumers. It shows that your company is going that extra […]

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CBC Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest Has Kidnapped My Husband

CBC, our beloved national radio, has kidnapped my husband.   They have fused his two loves, hockey and songwriting and he is now a serious contender for the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest.   Before the contest, there were romantic evenings; whirlwind weekends; and his pathetic attempts to cook. Now things have changed. Date […]

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Vintage Glam

What was once passe is now the hottest ticket at your favourite antique store. Remember that dull black rotary phone you tossed in the ’80s for that cheesy hamburger one? Well, that was $230 out the window my friend. The egg chair is back and the world of retro is re-emerging with a contemporary edge. […]

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Puppy Prozac

FOR some of us. dogs and cats are more than just pets,” wrote journalist Tom Jacobs. “They’re blood pressure meds with wet noses.” These cute and cuddly fleabags aren’t just eating machines; they are our best friends, loyal companions, and in-house psychiatrists. Pets have been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in humans, […]

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Haggis: A Taste of Scotland & A World of Flavor

Haggis, the most feared culinary dish to escape the kitchens of the Scottish highlands. Described in whispers as the “innards” of a sheep, stewed in its own stomach, puts only the most adventurous diners to the test to taste this seemingly sinister dish. Now, thanks to culinary globetrotting, haggis has gone mainstream and is creeping […]

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