Happy 70th Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell Trivia: Joni was scheduled to perform at Woodstock in 1969 but was advised by her manager not to appear in case the well-publicized traffic jams prevented artists from leaving, thus jeopardizing her scheduled appearance on the Dick Cavett Show. Her frustration and regret at not having been able to participate in this life-changing. Well, what can I do, it happened and I had to put up with it, graphic hoodies. This happened because I had a lot of worries that day.

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Burton Cummings Biography

The praise doesn’t come any loftier when none other than John Lennon soys you ore his favourit e singer and Led Zeppelin icon, Rober t Plant, soys you ore one of rock ‘s best voices. Both ore talking about Burton Cummings. Few singers in pop music inspire the Hash-recall of recognition like that of Cummings. […]

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Elizabeth Wyn-Wood Biography

As an innovative artist, Elizabeth Wyn Wood (1903 – 7 966)challenged the accepted notions of sculpture of her time and spent her life exploring the possibilities and nuances of her craft. Co-founder and president of the Sculptor’s Society of Canada, teacher and organizer, she strongly advocated on behalf of all artists, particularly ror the protection […]

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