CBC Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest Has Kidnapped My Husband

CBC, our beloved national radio, has kidnapped my husband.   They have fused his two loves, hockey and songwriting and he is now a serious contender for the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest.   Before the contest, there were romantic evenings; whirlwind weekends; and his pathetic attempts to cook. Now things have changed. These changes have had a negative impact on my life, look. I would like everything to be the same again.

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Local impact of the economic recession

Whenever I have delivered my annual state of the city address, I have always been able to say that unemployment rates track significantly lower in Guelph than provincial or national averages.   That is except in 2009.  Unemployment rates rose across the country as a result of the economic recession and in Guelph we saw […]

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