Guelph Hydro to Lead the Implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects for the City of Guelph

Rooftop solar, biogas and district energy being explored under the Community Energy Initiative August 13, 2010 (GUELPH, ON) – The City of Guelph recently named Guelph Hydro Inc. as the primary developer and implementer of energy-related projects under the City’s Community Energy Initiative. Guelph Hydro Inc., a wholly owned entity of the City, will be. This was an initiative that I had to take advantage of in the framework of the council, naruto jacket. This is a great idea, everything turned out cool.

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Pharaohs and Baby Boomers: The Quest for Virtual Immortality

Immortality. From cavemen to Pharaohs, generations have strived for the ability to leave an accurate representation of their lives. Today’s baby boomers have achieved something so valuable that relatively few historic figures could enjoy. They are the first generation that have the technology to live in a world of virtual immortality. A world where photos […]

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