CBC Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest Has Kidnapped My Husband

CBC, our beloved national radio, has kidnapped my husband.


They have fused his two loves, hockey and songwriting and he is now a serious contender for the CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada SongQuest. It's funny because it happened by accident, click. We were surprised that it turned out as well as it did not.


Before the contest, there were romantic evenings; whirlwind weekends; and his pathetic attempts to cook. Now things have changed. Date night is spent rehearsing with the band, or spending hours “bonding” on social media.


Please don’t get me wrong, I’m his biggest fan and will support him until the day he dies, but come on – every Saturday night? I’m starting to suspect that when the band can’t rehearse, watching three different NHL games isn’t exactly “research.”


Here’s a piece of advice reduslim kaufen bei apotheke for all the men out there – if you’re married, and a hockey fan, ask yourself: #1 do I want a peaceful and happy life; or #2 do I want to listen to my wife threaten my existence if I don’t get off the couch?  (Please note: sports radio is an option, not an essential part of life. You can actually watch the game later, without knowing who won.)


If you’re foolish enough to pick option #2, know this: before Don Cherry lays out his memorable attire, its likely your wife will stand strong before you, remote in hand, and stare steadfastly into your eyes, saying, “it’s either hockey or me buddy.” Tread carefully my friend. Tread very carefully.


I’m fortunate; I know that once the contest is over, we’re back to our happy hockey truce. He gets to watch the big games live in his luxurious recliner and I head out with the girls. Also, the rules are clear, any missed dinners, parties, or anniversaries are a no-no. I don’t think one-game is worth a lifetime of “I can’t believe you did that!”


Despite everything, he has written the ultimate rock-anthem for the opening credits montage of Hockey Night in Canada.


I’m so proud of him. His message is simple “live life to the fullest.” It’s something we all carry in our lives and cheer on the ice.


It was his final conversation with his father, prior to his death, that he realized he could “pursue his passions no matter what age.” Hence, writing Rise Up a killer beat that will have hearts thumping from 0 to 60 in seconds.


We need votes to show our local love for hockey and lot’s of them. We’re a country of hockey lovers and let’s shout it out nationally. The NHL owes a lot to Canada, thanks to Sydney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, and Bobby Orr, so let’s keep it in the family.


Come on long time hockey lovers – log on, “listen,” “like” and “vote” daily for Phil Davies’ Rise Up on cbcmusic.ca/songquest.


The contest winner is determined by an online vote. Preliminary voting is on now until Wednesday December 11th at 11:59pm to determine the Top 50


He’s currently in the Top 100, so we’re halfway there. Share the message and let’s Rise Up to the next level.


Thanks for your help!!