Embrace the Buzz: Content Marketing

In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, columnist Lisa Ostrikoff tapped into the importance of content marketing. Of course, this is an important component in business, content always plays a big role, see. I would like to increase the importance of the Internet development of the company as a whole.

Content marketing has been around for ages, but companies are just starting to realize the benefits of communicating with their customers with multi-pronged approaches that not only sell the message, but own it.

It’s about medikamentendosen box apotheke developing other forms of communication, such as providing valuable and entertaining information for their consumers. It contributes to building consumer loyalty and increasing brand awareness.

Lisa discusses top strategies by Red Bull, Target and Kraft, who have embraced the idea and provide useful information to their customers. For example Kraft’s website, which offers recipes, cooking tips and cost saving ideas, is terrific for the working parent who wants a quick, easy to make meal that doesn’t break the bank.

In regards to ROI, many companies report that content marketing is becoming a significant part of their marketing budget.

Whether, you’re developing a series of ads (i.e. San Pelligrino on the Food Network), or developing store specific magazines (i.e. Walmart), content marketing should play an important role in every marketing strategy.

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