Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day to one and all!! Take a few moments for yourself… put away the phone, turn off the news and ignore the mayoral election. Remember that family comes first, food is to be enjoyed, and calories not to be counted, and if you look up you’ll notice the sun brings forth a rainbow […]

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A Xanax Christmas

From the moment Halloween candy causes acid reflux disease, And your favourite costumes now give people unease. The time has come to welcome the holidays with care and, Greet jolly St. Nick with fattening cookies that dieters wouldn’t dare.   The malls are strung with pretty lights and sweet songs, While children wait for the […]

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SNAP SHOT Solutions Wins STAR Awards

Congratulations SNAP SHOT Solutions for your success at the Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre’s small business STAR Awards. SNAP SHOT Solutions won the prestigious awards for:   Outstanding Customer Service (sponsored by SmithValeriote Law Firm) Outstanding Consulting (sponsored by rlb Chartered Accountants) We look forward to your further success in the future!      

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Embrace the Buzz: Content Marketing

In a recent article for the Globe and Mail, columnist Lisa Ostrikoff tapped into the importance of content marketing. Content marketing has been around for ages, but companies are just starting to realize the benefits of communicating with their customers with multi-pronged approaches that not only sell the message, but own it. It’s about developing […]

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Little Advertising, Yet Highly Desirable

It sounds as though I’m on a rant against conventional advertising, but that is far from the truth.   I’m stuck in summer mode and want to share with you a new and exciting place I accidentally came across for a spectacular vacation.   My husband and I were in need of a road trip […]

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Is Conventional Advertising Enough?

Being a PR junkie, I must confess, when it comes to advertising, I’m a little biased. I see advertising as a tactic that is part of an overall campaign for a product, brand, or service.   To me PR is more effective because it is based on storytelling. A story that your clients can relate […]

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Can Twitter Make You a Better Writer?

Can Twitter make you a better writer? Yes. Brand identity is all about brevity and Twitter forces writer’s to be succinct and clear with their message. Marketing your brand is like meeting a person, you form an opinion of them in the first thirty-seconds. Therefore, as a writer, it is important to encapsulate your thoughts […]

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Eco Transit Revolution

As our cities get bigger, and parking more expensive, people are looking for more convenient and eco-friendly methods of transportation. When I learned about Wike’s Stroll’n Bike, I was impressed that Bob Bell, Guelph inventor and owner Wike, had developed the technology to turn a bike into a stroller/shopping cart in an instant. True, I don’t have […]

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Sun Shiny Day

It’s a perfect summer’s day here in Guelph, ON. The sun is shining, the beach is calling and for the first time in days its not raining (my apologies to the people of Alberta). Blogging for myself is a new experience, so I ask your indulgence while I figure out how to entertain you with the […]

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