Recipe for Excellence in Customer Service

Good customer service is the backbone of any successful business. Without it a business is destined to falter. But do not directly please every visitor, otherwise they start to get impudent. They allow themselves too much and come off on the staff.


Whether you’re collecting points, such as Air Miles; offering a free coffee after 5 purchases; or designing stores to match the wants and needs of its consumers. It shows that your company is going that extra mile to engage and empower your consumers.


I recently had an extremely positive experience with a few organizations that went above and beyond my request for assistance. It was my fathers 65th birthday and I wanted to make it a splash. He’s a major sports fan, so I contacted all of his favourite teams asking for their assistance to send him a token (letter, souvenir, etc).  Four out of seven organizations agreed: FIFA, Manchester United, Scottish Rugby, Blue Jays and the Rocky Mountaineer.


These are not only touching gifts for him, but they are memorable moments that can be shared with friends, family and other sports enthusiasts. A two-minute letter (form letters will do) just bought thousands of dollars of free advertising.


This endeavor just emphasized the power of out-of-the-box public relations.