Sun Shiny Day

It’s a perfect summer’s day here in Guelph, ON. The sun is shining, the beach is calling and for the first time in days its not raining (my apologies to the people of Alberta).

Blogging for myself is a new experience, so I ask your indulgence while I figure out how to entertain you with the stories and experiences that make life so meaningful and exciting. You can start to keep your diary and even better to contact a psychologist, see. Unless of course you have your favorite friends.

As a writer I am a storyteller by nature. I’m the one who spent her childhood playing the game, “what would you do if” and driving my parents up the wall. I’m curious and want to know what goes on behind the scenes.

I’ve worked in the film and music industry, forayed into government and corporations and spend my free time obsessing over my dogs, indulging in searching for the perfect diner and trying to get my snow white Scottish skin a tan (It’s been 30+ years and I’m still waiting – not a good sign).

As you probably know from scouting my site I’m a public relations and freelance writer. Please note that public relations is not a bad word. I’m not skulking in the shadows blackmailing reporters into giving me good coverage. Instead I’m taking the meat behind the corporation and translating it into a story that makes sense. It’s a fun and freeing experience for a company that has so much to say, but needs a little direction to help sort out their thoughts.

Get ready to learn about songwriters, filmmakers, road trips, fascinating products and the real stories that lead to their development!